About me

Welcome to my portfolio!

Here you will find the projects I have been working on, the different experiences I had throughout the years and my career goals. You can also find my development projects on my GitHub page:

GitHub Page

In a few words...

I am above all a true passionate about videogame development, artificial intelligence, tabletop role-playing games and science-fiction writing... Curious about everything, I draw my creativity from many domains between which I love to build unexpected bridges.

Only then am I a robotics, mechanical and software engineer. I am also trained in entrepreneurship and had experience in the domain. My skills are varied and allow me to find creative solutions to a great range of problems ; when it is not the case, I try to bring new perspectives and to train fast, so that we can end up in a satisfactory place.

Additionally, inclusivity holds an important place in my life. As such, I will systematically make it a point of honour to assess the effective inclusivity of my work environment and I am perfectly inclined to leave a position that would not fulfil this requirement ; or to participate into positively transforming an environment which is willing to improve!