Professional Projects

Eexar – Entrepreneurship in China

Everything began with a school project, during the Master of Science - Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Rennes School of Business. We were a team of 5 students during a year and a half and we built a theoretical company project. It is only around the last months of the Master that two of us decided to make this project real by launching a company in China, Shanghai. As they were both coming from a business school, I decided to go with them during the first stage in order to offer my engineering skills.

My experience in China lasted 6 months, I finally came back to France to attend an AI Master of Science at Centrale Supélec Paris. But these six months have been the most stimulating and challenging of my life until then. On their side, the company is still evolving by finding new clients and by using the prototypes I made and following the strategical decisions we made together.

Company website:


  • Entrepreneurship:
    • Choice and evolution of the company strategy (offer targeting, finance, HR, development plan...).
    • Pitch and company representation during various events.
    • Commercial negotiations.
    • Human resources management.
    • Team work (2 co-founders, 1 engineer, 3 developers, from France, China, Switzerland).
  • Engineering:
    • Strategical choices for technologies.
    • Prototype development for a connected Augmented Reality application (app: Unreal Engine 4, Android, IOS, OpenCV, C++ ; server: ASP.NET, C#, MySQL, HTML, CSS...).
    • Detection algorithm for multiple QR Codes (up to 20 simultaneous QR Codes, with estimated position in space).
    • Demonstrations development to acquire new clients on very short schedule.
    • Setup of a Front-End and Back-End for future developments (Node.js, PostgreSQL...).
    • Introductory training to Unreal Engine (for 7 participants, on 2 days).

February 2019 - August 2019 - China (Shanghai)